About Us

United by passion, guided by innovation and tradition.

Everything we do is guided by long-standing tradition, seeking constant, on-going innovation in technologies, points of view and language.

We work in structured, international situations, organised into some of the most complex networks, and in extremely complex scenarios.

It is necessary to acknowledge that “the heart has its reasons of which reason knows nothing”, if we wish to improve the results we produce for ourselves and for others. Because the quality and efficacy of the consulting provided by someone who has put their heart into it is superior to the average professional consulting service.

Human first, resources second: this is how we see the thousands of people we’ve met and that we spend time with every day, at our clients’ offices, in lecture rooms and on the social networks.



Our experience grows day by day, thanks to study, experimentation, learning and dialogue. Because perfection comes from repeated study and effort, even after more than 20 years.

Carefully study of the Client’s everyday circumstances allows us to construct a sound methodology, focused on authentic, perfectly tailored analysis and consulting.

We are accustomed to looking at the facts, and this is what we’d like to be judged on. The tangible results we produce for our Clients are the only yardstick we can be measured by.


In 2003, Dynamos adopted a Quality Management System for its training, coaching and management consulting services, for which it obtained Quality Certification in keeping with the ISO 9001:2008 standard. Specifically, this Certification regards:

The application of the Quality Management System regards all corporate processes: from customer relations to providing training, coaching and corporate consulting services, as well as all the corporate consulting activities regarding human resources management. In addition, within the framework of international collaboration with the BMW Group, Dynamos consultants have obtained international certification as Certified Trainers of the BMW Group, issued by BMW Group AG.