Process Organisation

The aim of business organisation is to create value and eliminate waste.

Business consulting for business process organisation seeks to achieve two results at the same time: to create value for the client and to eliminate waste by identifying non-productive activities. From this point of view, sharpening the focus on Clients and boosting productivity help to streamline operations, which in turn will highlight further inefficiencies that need tackling, as well as systemic quality issues that need resolving.


The results to be obtained:

  • Identification of key factors for success
  • Introduction of an appropriate key performance indicators dashboard
  • Definition of targets for each key performance indicator
  • Definition of the main value flows of the business processes that have the greatest impact on performance indicators
  • Decision on which processes/flows to focus

 The factors on which intervention is required:

  • Understanding clients’ requests and what the concept of Value means for them
  • Defining Value flows in their Organisation through process mapping
  • Eliminating waste, aiding the flow of information and making the Client a driver for the products
  • Extending the definition of Value beyond the Company
  • Seeking to achieve perfection.